Thursday, 29 May 2014

whisperers ✯

its meeee with a genuine smile wOAH
katie trying to escape from me

window reflection selfies!!! thought it was cool
so hello! 
this was on sunday, it is now thursday, so yeah I'm a bit late but shh
I'm finally showing my face *gasps*
well i never really know what to say much anymore??

might take more photos of mel later on this week?? 

yeah okay have a fabbb day

lauren xxx

Monday, 5 May 2014

let's go for a walk ✿

i see this door a lot, but its actually pretty boring without a mel in front of it 

we ran into this lil guy

who seemed really quite eager and followed us for quite a way haha

oops its mel's bum ^.^

hair + wind makes for great photo-taking 

I am extremely extremely pleased with this photo omg

yesterdays procrastinating turned out not so bad, i think.
me and mel went for a lovely spring walk, with the loveliest weather. We had a laugh and made some memories, which is absolutely fine by me if i now fail my exams next week because i neglected doing revision for those memories oops
so i guess, enjoy this post, i may have more coming soon, i may not. i never really know.

lauren xxx