Sunday, 13 April 2014


yeah that is me

and me again, spinning.

my meals look a lot like this most times. more salad than noodles oopsie.

daisy blood

i picked a few and made a quite long daisy chain, which my mum threw in the bin .-.

bedroom window view!

these vines grow  

spring solitude - poems of asleep deprived teen part 1

even as the sun came in the new season
she turned her head and looked away from it
because the days grew longer and the time passed
but yet she still sat in her spring solitude

while flowers grew and lambs raced in lush fields
she closed her eyes again to stop the tears
because all she really wanted was someone to love
and stop sitting forever in her spring solitude

when they met it wasn't at all very perfect
a clumsy coffee splash and a quick disgruntled stare
an awkward hello and some swift apologies of character
as she started to exist in her spring solitude

well it had to be fate they met again
the boy with brown freckles and only one dimple
but this time as friends, from a silly accident
was this the end of all her spring solitude?

it wasn't too long after that, when love began
not a few short months to be quite precise
he asked her to let him love her forever
and that was the end of her spring solitude

this whole post is dedicated to a wonderful friend, with a wonderful mind.
wanderer, you astound me. 

so spring is here at long, long last.
so i ventured outdoors, into the sunny and warm english spring weather, and took some photos!
v special photos because hey, look, there i am! yeah, i took some self portraits. sorry, i know they suck but I'm learning yeah?

so enjoy my poem, enjoy the photos and have a brilliant spring!
lauren xxx

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