Saturday, 22 February 2014

fab felines ✯


yes wow that IS my hand
accidental flash freaked her out and she got angry with me….sorry tara!

i love her paws…is that odd?

he came running along the wall to greet me ahhh

some tulips in my kitchen :)
first post of today because i think might post later? 
thanks for over 200 views wow this blogging thing is really fun omg
I'm going to take more picture later, i think this will be a bit different with the idea i have in mind but i'm not too sure if will go as planned.
okay so about my cats
  • girl
  • 6 years old
  • feisty
  • sleep with my mum in her bed
  • has a habit of peeing on beds….
  • mostly hates everyone and sleeps a lot, anywhere
  • thinks she is the queen and does not like authority
  • boy, tara's son
  • 5 years old
  • lazy, sleeps so much its unbelievable
  • my cats, loves me the most ;)
  • eats more food than you might think possible
  • doesn't really care about what is going on
  • shows more cupboard love than any cat ever, he bites my foot when he is hungry??
i hope you enjoy the photos of them, i love my cats so much
random photo of some colourful tulips for your saturday c:
lauren xx

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  1. aww your cats are so cute :) Tara sounds like my cat, except for the peeing part haha