Wednesday, 19 February 2014

pretty plants and cacti ✯

the newest additions to my plant family!

a small part of the landscape view from my hill

this is kara faye, my lovely simpervivum :)

this lil guy was replanted today!

cutest bronze teapot ever! ash i love gus (thats his name heh)

the most perfect succulent ever! so sad i have to give to away :(
I'm going to try to blog at least once every day this week because i thnk thats a good thing for me to try, even thought it takes up my time, it gives me a break :)
these are my plants! well, minus one. 
the succulent is the one i am going to give to a friend for her birthday, because I'm spreading the plant love hehe
the three new cacti are brand new, and i think ill keep them unnamed for now.
i adore plants and i could rave for hours about how beautiful they are, because i am very emotionally attached to mine haha but yeah, if you don't own plants, go buy one! they are guaranteed to make your life a little better. they're great listeners too ;)
there is a small part of my daily view out the window, but from outside. i think this weekend ill make a tour of my garden.
please leave a comment if you are enjoying my blog because i dunno if anyone is reading this haha 
lauren xx

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