Sunday, 16 February 2014

the awkward first post ✯

a random recent photo

hello! a new holiday blog! i haven't blogged before, so this will be very messy at first, and i hope you will forgive me for that.

intro: i'm lauren, a generally smiley teenager with a lot of dreams to travel, inspire and create. i live in England, and spend way too much time sleeping or not sleeping. i take pictures with my mums camera, some sort of canon with a fancy lens, of my beautiful sister. i will blog to my hearts content, when i wish about what i wish.

things you must know:

  • i very much dislike capital letters, you will see very few.
  • i do not reveal my age on the internet :)
  • this is my first time blogging
  • this will be indie themed
  • you might have to endure some rants, long description or words of no actual meaning or consequence
thank you, enjoy this new blog!

lauren xx

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